Russell Bedford's Manchester member launches new website

April 2019

Russell Bedford's Manchester, UK member firm, Hallidays, has this week launched their new look website, which focuses on ‘thought leadership’. It is aimed at helping business owners with the challenge of growing their businesses in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). The new home page includes an inspiring ‘Keeping Ahead Of The Curve’ section offering a Goals white paper (other growth white papers will follow), summary and full sector reports, topical blogs and success stories which give real life examples of how they have supported business owners to grow and develop themselves and their teams. The site is now live and Hallidays invite you to take a look to see how they can inspire and support you!

Managing director at Hallidays, Nigel Bennett said: “We challenge and inspire our clients to be the best that they can be. We do this by providing them with the knowledge and support they need. It is crucial that the business owners have clear goals and we know what they are. When we have helped them define their goals we can start to help them fulfil their journey and their dreams!” 

Hallidays two year Business AM growth programme, which has been running successfully now for over 15 years, has shown some amazing growth figures for business owners attending and taking action! The program covers all aspects of learning how to develop a business, that can turn the attendees business vision into reality. 

At the start and the end of the 10-step programme, Hallidays asked the members to measure where they were for all the key issues, to help create their vision over the two years. Businesses completing the programme achieved average improvements in their performance of 22%, based on factors including turnover, team happiness and hours worked per week over a twenty month period. Other members improved their businesses by an average of 12% across a range of measures. Some of the largest improvements that businesses saw were  ‘how often their customers bought’ (14%), and ‘average customer spend’ (14%). Individual business scores were much higher with some members reaching an impressive 29% improvement on these two metrics. A selection of BAM members improved their turnover & net profits by 29% and there was an overall average improvement of 14% in market share. Read Hallidays' success stories from local businesses here.

What led to all this, you might ask? Well; a very strong leader with a vision to help Hallidays' team and clients be the best they can be.

In 2013 Hallidays carried out some important research with their prospects, clients and introducers. This research scored Hallidays as ‘innovative and modern’, which led to the significant branding changes in 2014 taking them from their traditional accountancy look to a fresh new image. Their most recent change is further driven by their vision of supporting and inspiring their clients and team to grow.