All the young dudes carry the news...

December 2018

And the news is that the future of the profession looks great!

One of the most enjoyable events of the Russell Bedford calendar is the Managers and Young Partners Meeting.

It’s fantastic to meet and spend time with the rising stars within the network. If you don’t nurture young talent, then there’s a real danger of destroying our future.

And it’s at events like these that we get to hear directly from young professionals as to how they foresee the future of the profession. They come to learn and develop their careers; yet we can learn a lot from them!

One of our delegates summed up our Malaga meeting superbly when he posted: “Happy to see that we have a network full of colourful and amazing professionals from all around the globe.”

The genuine sadness when the meeting comes to an end, witnessing true friendships being established, is a credit to the humanity of our profession. A profession that will always depend on PEOPLE and talent!

The energy and motivation of our Young Professionals is infectious and, doing my very best to keep up, makes ME feel young again!

(Well... until the exhaustion sets in on the plane home!)

Author: Stephen Hamlet