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January 2024

Following our network’s first physical meeting of 2024, where our North American region met to discuss, learn and share best practice, I ventured into the desert for some relaxation.  This included a visit to Joshua Tree National Park.  It’s been said that U2 were inspired by the Joshua Tree due to its symbolism of strength and beauty that can arise from difficulty and struggle.  A tree standing in the middle of barren land; resilience through perseverance.

By virtue of its upward-facing limbs, twisting in all directions, the tree also depicts the stretching out for help but, at the same time, retaining its solidity.

One of our delegates at our San Diego meeting commented: “Russell Bedford International provides me with a forum to help my firm in the US be more profitable, to grow and access additional resources and services.  The benefit I get from the network is being able to talk to others and learn how they do things.  Without this, I would need to pay consultants for their experience and expertise.  With Russell Bedford, I can get all that and make some good contacts along the way.”

Additionally, the beauty of the network (like the beauty of the Joshua Tree) is that our firms may seek guidance, but never lose their independence.  They never stop being who they are; standing tall.

So… if you manage a firm in the US (or in fact, anywhere in the world) and you want to remain independent, but you’d like the ability to reach out for help or advice, then (perhaps) by joining a network, where you can connect and build relationships with people in the same profession, with similar practices, clients and challenges, you might finally find what you’re looking for.

Author: Stephen Hamlet

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