The little things in life...

November 2019

Being named Personality of the Year 😉 was truly special... but now I’ve had a personal figurine produced of me!!!

Does this mean I really HAVE made it? 🤔

So... this is a “little me”, but it meant a BIG DEAL!

I flew back from Tbilisi, Georgia, this weekend having spent a couple of days with Russell Bedford’s new (& very impressive!) member firm. I was there specifically to attend and speak at a special event celebrating their recent merger and promoting membership of our award-winning network.

I wanted to mention how honoured and touched I felt when handed this gift of ME! To go to such trouble of having a figurine sculptured from a photograph, and presenting it to me when I arrived at the office, meant so much!

Beautiful country, immense hospitality, genuine, talented & ambitious people and, in a very short period of time, I felt I’d learnt so much; the culture, the intimacy, the integrity, honesty and passion.

(Plus, it’s the nation from where wine is claimed to have first originated; a little-known fact for which we should also be extremely grateful!)

Little me... little things... BIG meaning!

Author: Stephen Hamlet