The camera never lies!

August 2019

We all attend several events in our professional careers. Some more memorable than others.

Having recently returned from India, I was delighted to hear from so many of our delegates that they found this year’s Asia Pacific meeting the most interactive & discussion-based they had attended; their only complaint being it could have been longer.

Everyone was clearly connecting, learning, sharing experiences and enjoying themselves very much!

So... What’s the most important emotion to feel at a conference? What should a conference really deliver and achieve?

Reviewing the photos from Chennai, our photographer appears to have captured me at various times of the day, expressing some key emotions that (I believe...) depict a successful event!

Intrigued... Informed... Engaged... Challenged... Amused... Inspired... Did I miss anything?

How are YOU made to feel when you know you’re at a fantastic conference?

Embrace Technology but never replace the Human Element of Interaction.

Author: Stephen Hamlet